ETF Portfolio Certification

Example of an ETF quality seal

Quality seal for ETFs and product providers!

"Quality seals are more than a guide line for investors. They confirm above-average characteristics of individual ETFs or of product providers."

The XENIX Quality Seal for ETF Portfolios - the quality standard for passive portfolios with index funds and ETFs. We evaluate the components of an ETF portfolio as a conventional fund or ETF fund of funds. We evaluate the standardized ETF portfolios of ETF Robos and of ETF asset managers. We even evaluate the quality of an ETF portfolio in the context of a unit-linked life insurance policy. This quality assessment of ETF portfolios can be outsourced to us by investors such as family offices or asset-managing limited liability companies, but also by professional investment consultants. ETF portfolio providers can receive an assessment of their product and allocation qualities. After all, it was not only the risk-return profile and cost structures that determined the investment success of mixed investment strategies, but also the quality of the products, their composition and ongoing management.

Tested quality

A quality seal from XENIX checks the quality of an investment product and/or a provider according to the multidimensional rating process we have established since 2019. For example, in March 2023, we recognized the ETF provider "DEKA ETF" as the best provider in institutional reporting for ETFs at the German ETF AWARDS 2023.

The XENIX Quality Seal for ETF Portfolios is available for

  • for classic ETF portfolios
  • for exclusively sustainable ESG ETF portfolios and
  • For ETF portfolios with special ESG-plus ETF strategies that combine sustainability with, for example, special climate targets

Use the XENIX Seal of Quality for ETF portfolios as an investor if you

  • a family office are
  • an investment consultant for foundations are
  • an asset manager are

Let us check your ETF portfolio from a quality perspective without obligation! We offer more than just performance and cost checks! Request a free quality check now.

Excellent ETF portfolios

An evaluation process for the XENIX Quality Seal for ETF portfolios usually takes four to six weeks, as you build on our XENIX STARS ETF Quality Rating. Like the XENIX STARS ETF rating, the XENIX quality seal for ETF portfolios distinguishes five levels symbolized by stars. Five XENIX STARS thus stand for an outstanding ETF portfolio quality, four XENIX STARS for an above-average ETF portfolio quality.

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Since 2019, XENIX, as an analysis and rating house, has been awarding the best ETFs in their respective peer groups in various countries. Outstanding quality products are awarded prizes. In addition, innovative newcomers in index funds and ETFs that represent true innovations are regularly recognized. The winners can receive their prizes in person at the respective ceremonies.


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