Quality Matters Always - also for Advisory & Coaching

Rating database

Our services - especially our qualitative XENIX STARS ETF ratings and the database behind them - are protected by trademark, IP and database rights. We publish individual rating results here or as part of other business activities. We make the results of our analysis, research and rating work only available to our professional business partners under service and data agreements.

Strategy Consulting

We see Advisory and Coaching as strategic advisory services that focus on ETFs and passively managed asset strategies. We see advisory mandates as project assignments, while coaching (or optionally mentoring) for company owners focuses on long-term support. Within the scope of advisory or coaching mandates, our clients primarily receive professional support in the following areas

  • ETFs,
  • ETF Portfolios and
  • other ETF product solutions.

We also offer customized advisory solutions:

  • Professional Studies,
  • Bank and asset manager tests,
  • Best Practice Workshops.


  • Are you planning to launch your first index tracker or ETF as an active fund company and/or active asset manager? What are the absolute must-haves in 23/24?
  • As an ETF provider, do you want to better understand what is currently absolutely needed for a successful ETF product launch in bond ETFs?
  • Your goal as an ETF provider is to distribute sustainable ETFs pan-European? What are the trade-offs in product development, target customer segmentation, regulation and distribution, among others?


Index investing with ETFs is also a possibility for entrepreneurs or company owners to implement a "pension model" in a self-determined and passive way, thus avoiding the disadvantages of non-transparent investment products and the costs of active asset management.Our coaching approach supports owners and self-employed persons with all fundamental questions about banking, ETFs, the stock market and a "deferred compensation" with ETFs. We understand our coaching as a long-term oriented investor support, which is efficient for both sides for strategic asset allocations of at least about one million EUR, especially when it comes to asset managing GmbHs or family offices.Each coaching includes, among other things, a strategic asset allocation with ETFs, an ongoing performance calculation with contribution analyses and portfolio reports.

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