Find truly sustainable ETFs easily

"You can't classify sustainable ETFs by shades of green. What really matters is how sustainable the underlying index is put together!"

In our index and ETF database, we currently maintain around 600 different sustainability indices for almost 800 ESG ETFs. "Only" social or green ETFs are not classified as ESG solutions in this context because they are one-dimensional. We classify sustainable ETFs according to their ESG indices and distinguish all ETFs that are based on an ESG index into the two categories: Basic or Satellite ESG ETF. In addition, there are further search criteria, so that the targeted search and finding of, for example, "ESG ETFs with a special focus" such as sustainable green bond ETFs and climate equity ETFs works at the push of a button. The example gettex exchange gettex shows this

Example gettex exchange

Basic sustainability ETF or satellite sustainabilty ETF: This classification is based on the relation of the underlying ESG index to its parent index. In simplified terms, basic sustainability ETFs follow their parent index relatively closely, while sustainable satellite ETFs are more shaped by their ESG filters, for example, if they aim to select only the 25% most sustainable securities from their parent index.

Test now without any obligation how detailed XENIX categorizes sustainable ETFs, e.g. by SFDR and by climate categories.

You still have questions about the XENIX categories and filters for sustainable ETFs? You can find answers here.