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Berlin, 26. Oktober 2023

Die deutschen XENIX ETF AWARDS 2024 in München

Die deutschen ETF AWARDS 2024 werden vom Berliner ETF-Ratingspezialisten XENIX in Zusammenarbeit mit der Börse gettex am 30.11.23 in München vergeben. Sie werden bereits zum sechsten Mal verliehen, zum zweiten Mal in den Räumlichkeiten der Münchner Börse.

The XENIX ETF AWARDS are awards for exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) based on a multi-dimensional quality rating. The German ETF AWARDS 2024 are organized by XENIX in cooperation with the gettex exchange and the tax adviser WTS as well as in collaboration with media partners (BTC Echo, Börsen Radio, Intelligent Investors, Investors Platform and MoneyMoon).

The 2024 finalists
The XENIX ETF AWARDS Germany 2024 honor high-quality ETFs that each have the best ETF rating in their peer group within the asset classes equities, bonds or money market. This year, the following providers are nominated for one or more categories: Amundi, BNP Paribas Easy ETF, Deka ETF, Fidelity, HSBC, iShares, SPDR, UBS ETF, VanEck, Vanguard and Xtrackers.

ETF rating winner awards are given in the following peer groups:

  • Equity ETFs (Germany)
  • Equity ETFs (worldwide)
  • Equity ETFs (high dividend)
  • Equity ETFs (ESG or sustainable climate strategy)
  • Corporate bond ETFs (investment grade – in various currencies)
  • Corporate bond ETFs (ESG or sustainable climate strategy)
  • Money market or money market-related ETFs (investment grade)

This category honors ETFs that have been admitted to trading on a German exchange for the first time in the current calendar year by mid-October and are true ETF innovations. Thus, this price category is not based on XENIX’s quality rating. Nominated finalists for this are Amundi, BNP Paribas Easy ETF, Invesco, LGIM, iShares and Xtrackers.

XENIX ETF Special Prices 2024
The XENIX Special Awards are presented to market participants for special and remarkable achievements in the German ETF market. Nomination proposals for this can still be submitted to until 16.11.23.

The Munich ETF AWARDS on 11/30/2013 will kick off the XENIX ETF AWARDS 2024 in various countries. The 2024 ETF Awards for the Swiss market will be presented on 01/23/2014 in Zurich. This will be followed by the Italian ETF AWARDS 2024 on 30/01/2014 in Milan, the UK ETF AWARDS 2024 on 18/03/2014 in London and the Nordic ETF AWARDS 2024 on 09/04/2014 in Stockholm.

About the host stock exchange gettex

Börse gettex is a market maker supported trading model of the Munich Stock Exchange based on a proprietary trading system. The sponsor of the Munich Stock Exchange under public law is Bayerische Börse AG.

About the organizer XENIX®

XENIX is a provider of qualitative ETF ratings, publisher of the XENIX ETF AWARDS and organizer of the XENIX ETF DAYS 2024 in Berlin. XENIX’s qualitative ETF ratings fully cover the ETF markets in Germany, Italy, the UK and Switzerland. The XENIX team evaluates the quality of more than 2,500 ETFs in a multi-stage process and classifies all ESG ETFs in Europe according to indices and regulatory requirements.

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