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Berlin/Munich, 03.03.2023

ETF discussion and crypto panel

The German XENIX ETF AWARDS 2023 were awarded on the evening of March 2, 2023 on the premises of the Munich Stock Exchange. Qualitatively outstanding ETFs were honored, which currently have the best ETF rating according to the Berlin ETF specialists XENIX in their respective comparison groups.

In the ETF discussion between Dr. Robert Ertl, gettex exchange, and Claus Hecher, BNP Paribas Easy ETF, it became clear that private investors are increasingly turning to global equity ETFs and monthly ETF savings plans as an entry strategy. By contrast, despite higher nominal interest rates, interest in bond ETFs among German investors is manageable.

In the crypto panel, Martin Leinweber, Market Vector Indices, and Sven Wagenknecht, BTC-ECHO, discussed not Blockboster ETFs but possible complementary building blocks. They highlighted the regulatory environment for bitcoin as a direct investment and explained the indirect, exchange-traded access routes such as crypto basket ETPs and equity ETFs with blockchain exposure. These highly volatile niche ETFs allow you to take indexed exposure to listed technology companies without investing directly in cryptocurrencies.

The German ETF Rating Winners 2023

The German ETF Quality Winners of 2023 for near-money market bond, bond and equity ETFs are:

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
German Equity ETFs – Blue Chips / Large Caps:

iShares Core DAX UCITS ETF (DE) – DE0005933931- EXS1:

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
German Equity ETFs – Total Market:

Vanguard Germany All Cap UCITS ETF Distributing – IE00BG143G97 – VGER

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
European Dividend Stock ETFs – Blue Chips / Large Caps:
Deka EURO iSTOXX ex Fin Dividend+ UCITS ETF – DE000ETFL482 – ELFC:

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
Global Equity ETFs Emerging Markets – Total Market:

iShares Core MSCI EM IMI UCITS ETF (Acc) – IE00BKM4GZ66 – EIMI:

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
Global Corporate Bond ETFs (US Dollar – Investment Grade / Good Credit):

Vanguard USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (Dist) – IE00BZ163K21 – VUCP:

XENIX ETF AWARDS – 2023 Winner Germany
Global Corporate Bond ETFs (Euro, Short-Term/Money Market – Investment Grade)
Xtrackers II EUR Corporate Bond Short Duration SRI PAB UCITS ETF 1C – LU2178481649 – XZE5:

The AWARDS 2023 for ETF Newcomers

In this category of the German XENIX ETF AWARDS 2023, passively managed index ETFs were honored last night that were listed in Germany for the first time in the past 15 months and are real ETF innovations for private investors. So this price category is not based on the XENIX rating, but on the novel index concepts of their ETFs. The winners of a XENIX ETF AWARDS 2023 for ETF newcomers are presented with the date of their first listing and are these five index trackers:

BNP Paribas Easy MSCI World ESG Filtered Min TE UCITS ETF USD
LU2470620845 – AHYH – Initial listing: 09/29/2022.

Amundi Global AGG SRI 1-5 UCITS ETF DR hedged EUR (A)
LU2470620845 – AHYH – Initial listing: 11/10/2022

HSBC MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap ESG UCITS ETF USD Acc
IE000W080FK3 – H41F – Initial listing: 11.11.2022

Xtrackers MSCI Global SDG 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure UCITS ETF
IE0005E47AH7 – SDG9 – Initial listing: 19.01.2023

Invesco Global High Yield Corporate Bond ESG UCITS ETF Dist
IE000ZWSN3F7 – GB1D – Initial listing: 19.01.2023

The XENIX Special Awards 2023 for the German ETF market and crypto ETPs were awarded to the two ETF issuers Deka ETF and VanEck.

Special price for Deka ETF:
Best ETF Provider Service and Reporting.

Special price for VanEck:
Best ETF Provider Blockchain Technology Equity ETFs with Crypto Exposure.
VanEck Crypto and Blockchain Innovators UCITS ETF – IE00BMDKNW35 – DAVV

The XENIX ETF AWARDS Germany 2023 are supported by the media partners BTC-ECHO, Finanzverlag, Intelligent Investors and TiAM FundResearch.

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