An evening for winnersThe German XENIX ETF AWARDS 2023 were awarded on the evening of March 2, 2023 at the Munich Stock Exchange. Outstanding quality ETFs were honored, which currently have the best XENIX ETF rating in their respective peer groups. ETF Discussion: Stock Exchange and Savings Plans In the ETF discussion between Dr. Robert Ertl, gettex exchange, and Claus Hecher, BNP Paribas Easy ETF, it became clear that private investors are increasingly turning to global equity ETFs and monthly ETF savings plans as an entry strategy. By contrast, despite higher nominal interest rates, interest in bond ETFs among German investors is (still) manageable. Crypto Panel: Equity ETFs with Blockchain ExposureIn the crypto panel, Martin Leinweber, Market Vector Indices, and Sven Wagenknecht, BTC-ECHO, discussed not only high-tech blockbuster ETFs, but possible complementary building blocks. They highlighted the regulatory environment for bitcoin as a direct investment and explained the indirect, exchange-traded access routes such as crypto basket ETPs and equity ETFs with blockchain exposure. In these highly volatile niche ETFs, one invests in listed blockchain technology companies on an indexed basis without investing directly in cryptocurrencies.