By way of introduction, Silvia Bosoni (Borsa Italiana, Euronext Group) presented her market overview of 1,746 exchange-traded products in the ETFplus trading segment of the Milan Stock Exchange. Dr. Valerio Schmitz-Esser (CSAM) explained how the trade-off of "sustainability and diversification" can succeed in his presentation on sustainable, yet market broad ESG equity indices for regional and global investments. An ESG panel featuring Erica Zanella (Moody's) and Fabrice Rahmouni (Euronext) discussed ESG trends, index rules for sustainability, and successful ESG blue chip indices. A retail investor panel with Andrea Semino (CSAM) and Francesco Casarella ( discussed ETF-savvy self-deciders from the so-called "Gen Z", who are however very often only short-term investors, as well as fee-based advice and the hurdles of the Italian ESG regulation for the distribution of ETFs. In the institutional panel "Comeback of Bonds with Carry", Enrico Camerini (CSAM), Enrico Ferrari from Banca Intesa Sanpaolo (IMI CIB Division) and Professor Luca Bagato (Borsa Italiana, Euronext Group) exchanged views mainly on the constant maturity of bond ETFs, on spreads for popular euro corporate bond ETFs, and on market situations in which institutional investors in Italy seem to prefer trading ETFs on-exchange rather than conducting bilateral OTC trades in individual bonds.