XENIX in Süddeutsche Zeitung – December 14, 2023

SZ, No. 288, 14.12.2023, p. 15.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung analyzed how customers of neobrokers such as Scalable Capital invest and what their prototypical portfolio structure looks like in “What Generation Broker is doing right – and wrong”. XENIX Managing Director Dr. Markus Thomas has contributed a few insights, background information and quotes to the article.

It is remarkable that almost every second customer of the Munich-based broker invests around EUR 450 per month with ETF savings plans. As a rule, however, the average Scalable customer also combines ETFs with individual shares, mostly US tech shares. In other words, he does not invest purely passively, i.e. with exchange-traded index funds. And so it can happen that investors who invest with ETFs and in individual stocks unwittingly hold two or even three well-known US stocks in their portfolios. M. Thomas therefore advises: “Investors should therefore check whether the building blocks in the portfolio actually complement each other.”

And investors who really want to find the best quality ETFs are not helped by a selection based solely on cost considerations: “The best thing for investors to do is to check how far the ETF has moved away from the index over the past three years,” says ETF analyst Markus Thomas.

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